February 3, 2021 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

February 3, 2021 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:19 pm

  • Jessica Koerner (President)
  • George Artz (Tech Officer)
  • Brad Martin (Safety Director)
  • Chris Valley (Vice President)
  • Ron Barry (Secretary, Training Bowl Admin)
  • Steve Rodrigues (Treasurer, GGNRA Liason, USHPA Safety Coordinator)
  • Rob Racer (Clubhouse Manager)
  • John Simpson
  • Isaiah Clapp

It's not a shear. It's a convergence. http://soaringcafe.com/2012/07/weather- ... eze-front/

  • Opened with some stories about the last couple days of flying.
  • John Simpson will be giving free tandem intros to HG to all comers. None of
    these passengers will be his existing students. There is no implied or
    explicit assumption that these passengers will become students, and this
    will be made clear to them.
  • John will be flying an H2 student (not one of John's historical students)
    to get him his tenth hour.
  • It was suggested that we bar non-members from even setting up a glider. Idea
    was it would give us a more clear-cut line of delineation (sp?) when we have
    any of a number of unwelcome pilots around. The usual behavior is that they
    set up and, if there's no objection, they fly. (e.g. the powered
    paraglider.) Better to have law enforcement show up and be able to bust them
    without being able to fall back on the defense that they didn't intend to
    fly. The consensus was that we're in good shape with things where we are and
    no vote was held.
  • Informationally, there's a proposal to develop the property of the stables
    and two of their neighboring properties: http://thorntonbeachbluffpreserve.com/a ... -preserve/
  • John suggests flying at Poplar Ave, in Half Moon Bay. There's a parking lot
    there by the beach. It's unregulated.

  • Chapter renewal is complete. Included recommendation to update site intro
    page. Steve has made some changes to make it easier to find the intro from
    the site guide page.
  • Majo's dad is down with Covid, so the aerotow clinic has been delayed. Join
    WhatsApp group for updates.
  • There's a random Amazon App using the Fellow Feathers name to advertize his
    videos. We've asked him to remove our name and any reference to footage he
    has no permission to use.
  • Has sent letters to everyone that made high-value donations.

Vice President
  • Only about 12 sticker applications have come in so far. Chris asks that we
    communicate via Social Media to encourage people te get their stickers before
    they fly. Best bet is by mail, everyone.

  • Confirmed receipt of sticker applications and payment from Chris.
  • $19,337.51 minus 12k roofing fund: $7,337.51.
  • All bills are paid.

GGNRA Liason
  • RRRG have recommended that our chapter be approved for continued insurance
  • Updated James w/ info on Rob's work on "The Doghouse", that we've replaced
    the door and have plans for the electrical work. (James is the guy at GGNRA
    that we generally work with.)

  • Lots of work (LOTS AND LOTS OF WORK) have been done in the clubhouse. Lights,
    lockers, door, electric, exterior lights, etc. Moving the lockers has given
    us room for more racks, which Rob has already installed, adding 12 slots.
  • Rob has put out a notice that anyone who wants a second slot, has the chance
    to do that again.
  • We've lost 5 people from the clubhouse, this year.
  • Checked for rats/mice. No sign of them. Rebaited all traps.

Tandem Administrator (absent)

Tech Officer
  • flyfunston.org will be migrated from webfaction to ts(missed the audio). We
    will be notified a couple weeks in advance.
  • We recently got a new weather station. The one next to the clubhouse is from
    davis instruments. We have a new Tempest from WeatherFlow. Rob mounted the
    Tempest on the pole next to the Davis. Rob is currently looking at the quality
    of the data and we'll choose if/when to switch after that evaluation.

Safety Director
  • Brad will be keeping a journal of accidents and will be submitting a
    complete list to USHPA on a regular basis. (Cadence to be determined.) If
    you are involved in - or witness to - an accident, it is your responsibility
    to notify Brad. Preference is that all pilots report their own accidents.
  • Soham had a blown launch in late January.
  • If there's an incident that falls under the RRG's reporting rules, the pilot
    MUST report it to Brad. Extra witness reports are helpful to provide further
    data. This all helps us to get our insurance costs down. See RRG's
    information in USHPA mag about why more reports actually reduce our costs.
    (USHPA actually prefers that every witness to an accident reprort it to

Training Bowl
  • John Simpson was flying (Feb 2) on the lower cliffs. Someone from the horse
    stable (on a horse) was screaming at him to leave the area (while John was
    in the air.) Our SUP does give the horses priority, so please give them as
    much room as possible.
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