June 4, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

June 4, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:14 pm

  • Ron Barry (Secretary)
  • Steve Rodrigues (GGNRA Liason, Treasurer)
  • Isaiah Clapp (President)
  • John Taylor
  • Brad Martin (Safety Officer)
  • Lisa
  • Urs
  • Patrick Pann
  • Todd Bricker
  • Chris Valley
  • Danny Freeman
  • Li Chen Liu
  • Richard Sibley
  • George Artz (Tech Officer)
  • Rob Racer (Clubhouse Manager)
  • Abhishek Sethi

President (Isaiah Clapp)
  • Need to discuss Air Races.
  • Windsock needs replacing.
  • Need to discuss wood chips.
  • Drainage question?
  • Anenometer is offline - reading 0, though direction works.
  • Do we need a change to the rules.
  • Dog tandems?
    Isaiah will be doing the executive management of the Air Races and looking
    for volunteers to handle the specific subprojects.

VP (Ron Barry)
  • Only one sticker application in the last month.

Treasurer (Steve Rodrigues)
  • $20,272.38 minus $12k leaves $8,272.38
  • 27 members unpaid ($2,160 in receivables)
  • Rob has a windsock in-hand. We need to change it. Brad'd like to get ahold
    of it with the idea of potentiall cloning and saving us the expense of
    swapping them out every 6 months.
  • Steve was asked about wood chips? He says it's hard to get any comms w/
    GGNRA at the moment. When we can talk to them, he'll ask.
  • Repaving question: GGNRA have done some core drillng for the lot. The
    process is on hold. The request to raise the burm has been passed on, but
    there's no word on the status of that specific issue.
  • Steve checket out the possibility of mounting the new camera under the eaves
    of the building. (Where the current southern camera sits.)
  • Isaiah asked if we should set up a rule change Re: COVID. We'll be following
    SF county recommendations about social distancing.
  • Special Use Permit expires soon. James (?) said he'll just clone the old one
    and renew it for 2 more years.
  • GGNRA's response to questions (regarding flying dogs) was their default was
    to say no, but given our recent clean record they might back whatever
    decision the club made.
  • Do we want to replace the door on the NorthWest room of the building to take
    it over? We pay $2.91 (?) per sq ft per year to GGNRA, so that room would
    add ~100X2.91. (We're not sure of the exact dimensiens.) We'll probably use
    that space for adding some harness lockers. Rob would be happy to reframe
    the door and put up a stronger metal one. (GGNRA is offering the room to us
    after someone tried to kick in the door.)

Clubhouse Report (Rob Racer)
  • Needs to talk to Brad about windsock duplication.

Safety Officer (Brad Martin)
  • There was a crash at Westlake - not sure if Hang Glider or Paraglider.

Tech Officer (George Artz)
  • Weather readings have been off for a whlie. George and Rob will pull it off
    the pole and inspect it on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Windtalker and web page are fed from different hardware sources.
  • Steve comment: Bay Area Air Quality Management provide a second windtalker
  • Brad offered to donate a weather system he has at home. (Davis Instruments)

There followed a lengthy debate about whether or not to allow Tandem flights
involving dogs at Fort Funston.
  • Danny presented a list of potential rules, worked out in cooperation with
    other pilots and with the Dog Coalition of San Francisco.
  • Largely the debate surrounded 2 topics; what the potential reaction of the
    dog community would be if there were an accident and what sort of Tandem
    requirements would be in place to allow it.
  • Patrick strongly supported allowing dogs.
  • Danny was asked to get his T3 before we debate it again.
  • Ron suggested that we change the bylaws: in order to change club rules
    should require 2 consecutive club votes, and notification out to the entire
    club before such changes are voted on.
  • There was general agreement that if he got his T3, we'd take it up again
  • Danny asked for a vote to enact the rule change in this meeting, rather than
    waiting for a later meeting.
  • Conversation moved to how we hold meetings, whether in person or online (in
    the long run) is a better way to go. Everyone was supportive of the idea,
    and the next time we have an in-person meeting, we'll add a zoom link.
  • Urs (Tandem Admin) wants Danny to get his T3, and once he gets there we can
    discuss it again. Ron mentioned that Danny had his right to a vote, which
    Danny refused to request, citing that three of his yes votes had left the
    meeting already.
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