April 2, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

April 2, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Sun Apr 05, 2020 1:16 pm

Note: Due to the quarantine, the meeting was held via Zoom. There were some
issues with Rob's connection, but it was otherwise successful. If anyone was
unable to join, please let us know so we don't have a repeat failure in the next

  • Isaiah
  • Steve Rodrigues
  • Ron Barry
  • John Kelly
  • Rob Racer
  • Jessica Koerner
  • Danny Freeman
  • George Artz
  • Chris Valley

Open Discussion;
  • A couple pilots (Chris Bolfing, Joey Villafor) still need keys. Rob's connection froze, so we'll
    mention it to him later.

Vice President;
  • A few checks rolling in. Not a lot.

Steve Rodriguez (Treasurer/GGNRA Liason)
  • There are a number of pilots who have two slots in the clubhouse. This is permitted, as
    long as they are willing to vacate when we get a new pilot requesting a first slot. It's
    been a headache to randomly select a pilot every time we need one, notify them, and give
    them time to make arrangements for their second glider. Last month, it was suggested that
    we just take the list of pilots and do a random draw of all of them to get an order that
    they will give up slots. This way, the vacating pilot will have plenty of warning that
    they'll need to make alternate arrangements. The drawing was done, and the order in which
    pilots will need to give up their second slots is;
    • Fred Hutchinson
    • David Royer
    • Steve Rodriguez
    • Dave Crafts
    • Isaiah Clapp
    • Chris Watson
    • Kimo Bowden
    • Eric Brainard
    • Danny Freeman
    • Brad Martin
    • Alessandro
    • James Mueller
    • Joey Villafor
  • $19,867.49 minus $12,000 roofing fund leaves $7,867.49. Glider slots theoretically full. 40 people
    haven't paid yet, which gets us another $3k. Annual burn this year is expected to be $9,600.
  • We had a flooding issue, this winter. Water from the lot was eroding the cliff. We sandbagged the
    verge. We've asked GGNRA to rebuild the burm. The request has been filed, but given the govt red
    tape, and the Covid environment, it may be a while before there's a response or action.

Rob (Clubhouse Manager):
  • Has a new windsock, Brad Martin will be copying it so we don't have to purchase the high-end
    calibrated ones. (Brad's going to do a bunch of 'em.)
  • Has a few applications to process.
  • We need to fix one of the glider slots in the clubhouse. A while back, it was cut down to house
    just one glider. Once this is remedied, we'll put John kelly (who is on the top of the list) in
    the new slot.
  • Rob's been adding layers of dirt and iceplant, trying to keep up with the erosion issues.

Safety Director (Brad - Absent)
  • Ron asked about whether we need to make some action to ensure that accident reports are being
    filed when they're supposed to be.

  • Ron and Steve will talk, offline, about handing off the process of getting all of our documents
  • The box is in need of stickers and a cash withdrawl. Pulling the cash is a higher priority than
    the stickers, but Steve and Ron will work it out.
  • Danny Freeman was asked: is GGNRA's official stance that we are grounded?
    • Steve contacted (James Sword?) GGNRA last week, asking almost exactly that. The last time GGNRA
      locked the gates, they closed flying because emergency vehicles wouldn't be able to get in. We
      have not heard anything official on the current event, but have to act on the previous policy.
      This means that, unless we hear anything to the contrary, per GGNRA, we are NOT allowed to
      fly as long as the gates are locked. Pilots violating this restriction will be subject to
      the same suspensions that would be given to any other unregistered/suspended/banned pilot.

  • Danny's follow-up question: what about the dumps? The last time I (Ron) was there, the copes were
    there, enforcing the closure of the entire park - not just the parking lot.
  • We're working to get the "ropes" camera replaced. We have a waterproof case ordered. The idea is
    to put the new camera on the roof. With the higher vantage point and the wider camera angle, that
    view will be more useful - visibility of the water and the setup area.
  • Isaiah mentioned Takeo's query about whether we can get a new weather station at the cliff. GGNRA
    has forbidden the addition of new towers. We're reluctant to add any more weight (wind gauge,
    wifi, power supply) to the windsock tower. Power would have to be run all the way to the cliff, and.
    we've no idea if we'd be allowed. Solar on the sock tower would add further weight. No final decision
    was reached.
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