Photo provided by: Eves Tall-Chief

Dan Racanelli Wins at the Fort.

Eves Tall-Chief: In this shot is Kerri Kastl,Judy Nielsen , Wayne Ashby ,Bill Wood .Tuna Ted. Jane Maury. etc.etc.

David Ruiz: hey...thats Tuna on the very right...he's still wearing that jacket !

Eves Tall-Chief: 1983 Fort Funston Air Races. Dan won most of them.etc.etc.

Walt Nielsen: I think it was the 1985 race, Kenny Brown won the 1983 one I think!!!

Photo provided by: Gene Foley

I wonder what year this was.

Eves Tall-Chief: 1983 Right ? Walt etc.etc.

David Ruiz: Hey! look at that tan man ....

Walt Nielsen: 1985, I think!!!! Kenny Brown won 1983!!!