Minutes 8 July 2008

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 8 July 2008

Postby Gw. » Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:26 pm

Fellow Feathers
8 July 2008

Present were:

Brad, Chris, Daniel M., Dave , Eric M., Gwenhaël, James, Kurt, Mike, Rafi, Steve, Tim, Tom, Urs, a few more

New people:

- Peter Mu, working on H3. Wants introduction at bowl. Flies falcon 2.
- Steven, student doing a photo story about Rafi. Story is about "growing old". No laughs.

Topics were:

Vice President: nothing to report
Secretary: nothing to report
Treasurer: nothing to report, yet
Club House Manager: nothing to report
- reminder: gliders of pilots who do not fly 20 hours will be tagged and impounded.
- keys should be mailed to people who paid their dues.

Safety Officer: nothing to report
Westlake director: nothing to report


- Two pilots recently came to land heading towards each other, but managed to land side by side. Pilots should have been more aware of other pilots starting approach.
Touch and go with gliders buzzing the launch have resulted in very close calls.

- Nothing much with training bowl. Requests for permission to clean up are tied up in bureaucracy.

Old business: none.

New business:

- Currently H2 may fly, not north of drain pipe, no soaring, straight to beach. Motion is passed (12-1) to change rules to allow, on second flight, with approval from advanced pilot or mentor -- if conditions good, traffic light, good skill -- to soar south (up to beginning of Westlake), with landing on beach. First flight to beach, not changed.

- Steve requests submission of items to add to list of mentoring points.

- Motion to allow is passed (12-1), according to our use agreemen, to allow T1 and T2 to fly at Fort Funston. Eric M. cautions that practice at funston is not representative of normal conditions at other sites. Students should be encouraged to train at other places.

- Steve proposes to raise the number of flights a tandem instructor is allowed per day. Motion to remove restriction is passed.

- Motion to change rules to allow two tandem flights at the same time, north of launch is passed (12-1).

- 25' rule can be applied selectively, per the rules, "as deemed appropriate".

- Clearance should be given to people on launch.

- Any bad encounter with dog walkers, please fill out form on website.

Meeting adjourned.
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