Minutes 12/12/06

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 12/12/06

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Fellow Feathers
December 12, 2006


Daniel M.
Daniel P.

Treas Report

Year end summaries. Attila will hand out the 2004 and 2005 to Brian for use in filing the incorporation.
• About $400 down from last year
• Need to get $300 from Urs
• We are behind on collecting 2006 waiver money

Old Business:

• Brian is away sick, so no update

• next step – replace the ropes cam building
• Tim can donate a computer or two for the ropes building

• Tim donated new lockers.
• Old new lockers have almost all been given away already.
• Perhaps Steve B can take part of Dan to Minden
• Chris called Chuck K to find out about moving Dan’s glider to open a spot
• Move Dan’s gliders up to purgatory
• Chester needs to get the Stealth and move it to somewhere else.
• Glider slots:
o Getting money back for the clubhouse
o A couple of guys indicated that they don’t fly any more. Chris talking to them about giving up their spots to guys who fly here.
• Brad to be added to the waiting list for the clubhouse
• Chris Valley is completely on top of and on schedule with clubhouse renewals for 2007. He’ll finish the task before handing over to the new clubhouse manager

New Business:

Meeting Minutes on public discussion board
• One of our members asked about keeping the minutes in a hidden area. It later became apparent that the individual was completely named in an early meeting report along with something that may not have been looked upon favorably by someone from outside the club.
• The club decided that:
o It’s better to have the meeting minutes out in the open
o We have generally followed the practice of not naming names in the published minutes even if the people in question were discussed by name during the meeting. We should continue this practice. The individual’s full name was removed from the previous minutes.

E-mail and anti-spam for directors
• Board members all have email aliases @flyfunston.org so that members can contact them directly. In the past few months the spammers have gotten hold of those addresses and bombarded them. As of a few weeks ago, Daniel changed the aliases to new email addresses AND added a contact page to the Funston site (http://flyfunston.org/officers.php.html ). Anyone who wants to contact a board member can do so through this page. The old email addresses don’t work anymore.


Nominations for 2007 Board.
• President: Steve Rodrigues
• Vice-President: Chris Valley
• Treasurer – Daniel Mizyrycki (South American Daniel)
• Secretary – Gwenhaël Jacq
• Safety – Tom White
• Clubhouse – Brian Foster
o Raffy Lavin
• Westlake
o Jonas Barbour nominated and accepted

• Appointments
o Training Bowl Director - Henry
o Tandem Director – Steve

• In an unpredicted turn of events, Raffy chose to be nominated for Clubhouse Manager instead of Westlake Director. He beat the ill and absent Brian by a vote of 6 to 5.
• All others were acclaimed
• Daniel to change the email aliases to point to the new board members as appropriate


• Steve distributed 2007 stickers. There is a Keep Fort Funston Flying Free note on top of each package describing some new safety issues around landing on launch.
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