May 7, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

May 7, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Tue May 12, 2020 11:16 pm

I attendance;
  • Steve Rodrigues
  • Ron Barry
  • John Kelly
  • George Artz
  • Isaiah Clapp
  • Danny Freeman
  • Todd Bricker
  • Rob Racer

  • A quick reminder: while we cannot explicitly forbid flying at Funston, we're
    taking the same position as the national org, that you really don't want to
    be at an ER at the moment. And, if you are injured at Funston, remember that
    emergency services will have a hard time getting to you with the gates closed.
  • Danny's girlfriend's parents own a property w/ cell towers, bathrooms, and
    some pilot has been flying there for quite some time. He's going to check it
    out. (This is about as much as he knows about it - he's not even sure if the
    current pilot is a hang or para.)

Treasurer/GGNRA Liason Report (Steve Rodrigues)
  • No news from the park on the reopening.
  • Regarding the sandbag burm and the request to replace it with asphault: GGNRA
    are in the process of replacing the entire lot, so we're working with them in
    the hopes of the new lot eliminating the issue.
  • Some discussion about being (illegitimately) ticketed at Funston.
  • $20,399.32, minus $12k roofing = $8,399.32
  • There was a discussion about taking Venmo/PayPal for their dues. This expanded
    to a discussion about making the form and payment entirely electronic. There
    was a short conversation about eliminating stickers, but a few spoke up that
    it's nice to be able to ID an authorized pilot by just looking at their
    • Steve will look into Venmo's options for the club - what it'll cost in
      xaction fees, etc., and report next month.
  • Steve contacted the top 5 people on the dual-occupancy list to see if one
    wanted to give up their slot, pro-actively, and Joey volunteered.

President (Isaiah)
  • Nothing to report

VP (Ron)
  • No new applications.

Clubhouse (Rob)
  • Rob'll contact the few remaning unpaid clubhouse users to get them to send in
    their dues.

Safety (Brad)
  • Nothing to report

Tech (George)
  • Graphs aren't showing up on the website.
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