November 5, 2020 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

November 5, 2020 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Thu Nov 05, 2020 9:04 pm

In Attendance;
  • Ron Barry (Secretary)
  • Edwing Flores
  • Todd Bricker
  • Isaiah Clapp (President)
  • Chris Valley
  • Rol Klingberg
  • Steve Rodrigues (Treasury/GGNRA Liason)
  • George Artz (Tech Officer)
  • Javier Rios
  • Brad Martin (Safety Officer)
  • URS (Tandem Administrator)
  • Jessica Koerner

Rob (Absentee - Clubhouse Manager)
  • Everyone is paid up in the clubhouse.
  • Kudos to Rob The Man - Treasury is in great shape partly due to his diligence
    on wrangling late-payers.

  • Nothing to report, but read the Clubhouse Manager Report for Rob.

Vice President
  • No New Applications

  • $24,400.83, minus $12 roofing fund = $12,400.83
  • GGNRA Service District Charge (our "rent") was just sent out: $3,603
  • $8,797.83 Remain after roofing fund and Service District Charge
  • Steve did some looking into getting an email service replacement (see George's Tech
    report). Google would charge us Business rates. If anyone has suggestions on how we can replace the misc. board email addresses, please contact Steve or George.

  • Received signed copy of Special Use Permit. Some changes;
    • 500AGL to fly over bank swallows during nesting season (Mar15-Aug15)
      (This matches what we had in the rules, since Dec, 2019, as a result of
      less formal agreement with GGNRA.)
    • We can call them any time to ask for chips.
    • We can move the (second) web camera from its current location (under the eaves) to
      its new location on top of the building.

  • Nothing to report.

  • WebFaction is discontinuing service, so we'll be migrated (by them) to a
    different service. George is trying to get some details about how that
    happens (whether there's an outage, etc.). We know that it's supposed to be in
    December, sometime.
  • Isaiah asked about the flagpole-mounted weather station that we were going
    to mount on the windsock post. When it's installed, there's a concern about
    its broadcast range (~1000ft) so we may put a repeater on the outside of the
    clubhouse so the console - inside the clubhouse - can receive data.

Tandem Admin
  • No tandem flights, at all. No participating pilots and incooperative

Training Bowl Admin (Absentee - via Brad)
  • No flights that John's aware of.

New Business/Misc Conversation
  • Rol's working on Mark II of his 15m, foot-launch wing. He's 3 years in
  • Isaiah asked when Steve thinks we should ask for chips. GGNRA will, after
    we place the order, deliver them whenever they get them.
  • We need to replace the sandbags.
  • Check out Takeo's youtube video of Don Burns' Owens Valley intro:

Nominations for 2021 Clubhouse Officers. Results;
  • President - Isaiah Clapp
  • Vice President - Chris Valley
  • Safety Director - Jessica Koerner
  • Secretary - Ron Barry
  • Clubhouse Manager - Rob Racer
  • Treasurer - Steve Rodrigues
  • Tech Officer - George Artz
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