November 2nd 2017 Fellow Feather's Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

November 2nd 2017 Fellow Feather's Meeting Minutes

Postby crvalley » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:46 pm

Attendees: Wayne Michelsen, Steve Rodrigues, Chuck Kranz, Rob Johnson

Officer Reports:

President: Nothing to Report.

Vice President: Member Apps database all up-to-date.

Secretary: Nothing to Report. Steve has filed annual tax statements for 2017.

Treasurer: Nothing to Report.

GGNRA Liaison: James is still satisfied with FF management of all HG at Funston.

Clubhouse: Should be all set for winter. Investigating relocation of WiFi antennae pointing at Ropes Building. Moved antennae off air-quality tower, down onto the clubhouse building.

Tech Officer: Purchased new and much better quality anemometer package for $130.

Old Biz: Tandem Regs have been updated with Rule-16: No Pets. Joey has volunteered to tell Danny (Wayne to inform/thank Joey for volunteering).

USHPA BOD update from Steve: New USHPA database should be on-line January. New 30-day public review period for proposed SOP changes. Please report all accidents/incidents. This will help RRG show favorable liability rates and lower our funding requirements.

New Biz: Nothing to Report.

Meeting adjourned: 8:15PM
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