Minutes 8 May 2007

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 8 May 2007

Postby Gw. » Wed May 09, 2007 10:01 am

Fellow Feathers
8 May 2007

Present were:

Brian F.
Chris V.
Daniel M.
Daniel P.
NY Dan
Steve R.

New business

- Daniel P. presents a brand new camera donated by a Crestline pilot. Camera is donated by IQEye and will replace the Ropes building camera.
- Ropes building dialup connection is replaced by Ethernet connection shared with the ocean currents monitoring team.
- Weather station is now above the clubhouse (was 1 mile away and stopped working frequently).
- New formats for weather data are discussed. Keep looking for changes on the website.
- Daniel P. prepared documentation on systems implementation for future reference.
- Future: move the weather station to the cliff?

- Website ads sold last year brought some revenue, but do we want to keep looking for sponsors every year? The same amount could be obtained by raising clubhouse dues by $10 a year.

Club house and associated items

- Steve has labeled all spaces.
- Couple gliders moved to purgatory.

Old business

- Water fountain relocation is discussed but could be delayed. Pilots are encouraged to keep statistics as to dogs’ offending behaviors patterns (right out of the car, after drinking at the fountain, coming back from the beach, etc.).
- NY Dan had suggested using smoke bombs to film rotors, landing patterns, etc. Chris V. provided surplus bombs. However, we need to obtain authorization from the park service. A proposal suggesting study of wind and safety correlations will be submitted.
- Bench for the setup area becomes a low priority and is put on hold.


- a $300 donation has been received from WOR.
- Daniel P. suggests exploring flying at Montara point for northy days.
- Daniel P. received old photos and “Fellow Feathers Flash” newsletter from the 70’s. Will be scanned and pushed online.
- Did I mention Daniel P.!? Way to go. Thanks!

Meeting adjourned.
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