Minutes 9 January 2007

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 9 January 2007

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Fellow Feathers
9 January 2007

Present were:

Daniel M. + pizza
(and one more person whose name I did not write down, sorry)

Various opening items:

Steve opens the meeting and thanks past/current officers.
It seems Daniel can handle pizza every month. Good.

President Report and associated items

Incorporation, work in progress undertaken by Brian

Dog water fountain will hopefully be moved to opposite corner of parking lot. Maybe a new bathroom to be installed by the park will include a water fountain?
Do "older" pilots remember where the water line actually is buried?

Plans for new anemometer and digital camera at the old building
Daniel P. estimates $400
Possibility to share DSL line with ocean currents monitoring team
Would cut phone bill, which is now ~$30/month
New camera and sharing arrangement would break even after only 1 year

On the subject of phone lines and wind talkers, Chuck reminisces about Wayne Ashby, who wrote the code for the original digitalker, his flights, and their 14K flight at Hull in '79.

A $50 donation to the club has been made

Treasurer Report and associated items

Attila summarizes before passing torch and paperwork (should those 2 go together, you may ask) to Daniel M.

2006 reports are online, current balance is ~$3,900
(Chris adds that 80% of clubhouse dues are in)

Urs asks if there are any financial goals/planning. Attila says that there has been no real planning so far. Balance has been stable, but not increasing. However, there should be some amount of planning, for items such as roof repairs, new camera, etc.
Should a reserve be set aside?

Steve will talk to GGNRA to see if they would participate in building maintenance. We need to evaluate roof life expectancy and start saving if necessary.

New Business:

Urs asks if USHGA chapter renewal forms have been received and by whom. PO Box has not been renewed as of last year and paperwork might have been lost since then. There is a $25 fine if they are not returned by 5 February 2007.

Chris wants to revamp the set up area sign and offers to work on it

Chris designed and printed a "eat, sleep, hang glide... repeat..." sticker, to be handed out with renewals and such

Steve noticed LZ is getting bigger due to trail becoming straighter and some dunes being leveled. Good quality chips have been ordered

Steve will transfer some of Dan's ashes to give to the Minden folks so ashes can be scattered in one of his favorites hangouts

Steve suggests a stickers redesign contest.

No more pizza. Meeting adjourned.
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