Minutes 11/14/06

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 11/14/06

Postby Daniel Pifko » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:16 pm

Fellow Feathers
November 14, 2006


Daniel M
Ted Lipke

Treas Report

Current: $3100ish.

Old Business:

• Incorporation
• Stop bringing those loads of green crap to the takeoff area
• LZ warning signs
• Webcam; Wind meter at the cliff

New business:

• Elections
• OZ Report


• We have to make a few changes to the documentation
• Brian still looking into several items

Green Crap
• Cut it the hell out
• We may have to speak to the NPS to give out tickets for dumping.
• Steve to call the company
• Can we find out who dumps the chips on Sloat? They’re GREAT!

LZ Warning Signs
• Thumbs up!
• NPS Requests – the sign on the trail coming up from the beach is embedded in sand and will therefore shift. They ask that we keep an eye on it to add sand and generally keep them in good condition.

• Webcam rocks
• Need to buy a wireless wind meter and have it installed
• Need to add a better backup system
• We have not yet had anyone moon the camera

• Can sell the Moyes to Brad Martin. Steve R to contact Brad Martin
• Dawn Air – Brad Martin’s – still there
• Phoenix 6D – showed up here. Chris might know whose it is. – no change. Chris to figure it out.
• What do we do with Dan’s spot(s) and glider(s)?
o Aeros Stealth
o Stratus V
o We would like to make the spot available for someone.
o Need to determine who is in the spot and get the partners to take the gliders
• Everything was mailed out last week. People are returning the forms and money

• Nominations begin for 2007 Board. Elections will be at the December meeting. Current nominations:
• President: Steve Rodrigues – nominated and accepted
• Vice-President: Chris Valley – nominated and accepted
• Treasurer – Daniel Mizyrycki – nominated and accepted
• Secretary - Gwenhaël Jacq – nominated and accepted
• Safety – Tom White – nominated and accepted
• Clubhouse – Brian Foster – nominated and accepted
• Westlake – Rafael Lavin – nominated (not present to accept)
• Proposed Appointments (to be acted upon by the new board)
o Training Bowl Director - Henry
o Tandem Director – Steve
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