Minutes 5/9/06

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 5/9/06

Postby Daniel Pifko » Tue May 30, 2006 7:38 pm

Fellow Feathers Club Meeting
May 9, 2006


Treas. Report
Old Business
- Tandems
- Webcam
- Clubhouse
- Incorporation as a non-profit
New Business
- GGNRA Building

Bob O’Neill
Others whose names I forgot to write down


Treasurer’s Report:

Roughly $4500 in bank. Details to be posted on flyfunston.org

Old Business

• Gordon has done several tandems much to the joy of his girlfriend (one of the passengers). No known safety issues.

• Daniel has done nothing on the new webcam

• Purgatory:
o Still missing Louise’s XC
o Found the glider Diev was flying
o Found Louise’s
o Missing a WW Sport
o Found owners of 2 of the gliders
o We only know about the owners of 4 gliders
• Chris to give light receipts to Attila
• Graffiti – Chris to paint over the graffiti
• Steve Rodrigues locked up the gliders in purgatory

• Crestline has received 501(c)(3) status. We have their Articles of Incorporation and can use them as a model.
• Brian Foster to proceed with the process. Daniel to send all correspondence to Brian; cc: Steve Rodrigues

New Business:

GGNRA Building
• Loss of Presidio building for maintenance
• We have had this building since at least 1977
• Urs and Daniel to meet with the GGNRA tomorrow for an update on what they want to do and how we can work together

• only getting good chips from now on

• How do we get unused gliders out of the clubhouse?
• Based on living locally?
• Based on frequency of flying? How frequently?
• Cross reference stickers with spots to see who flies frequently
• Start in 2007
• We need to account for people who have gliders here in the clubhouse but fly other gliders
• Great Idea: seal the zipper/zip tie the glider so we know which gliders haven’t been flown
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