July 19 2007 Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

July 19 2007 Meeting Minutes

Postby crvalley » Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:04 pm

Fellow Feathers
19 July 2007

Present were:

Chris V.
Steve R.
Dingo Dave
Larry C.
Eric M.
Tom J.
Daniel P.

President's Report:

Steve had a 50+ mile flight in the Owen's Valley...nicely done!

Sticker re-design must be in by no later than August...Otherwise, we'll stick with the same sticker design which really isn't that bad...new sticker designs will be voted on during September or October meetings.

Steve mentioned lessening the tandem pilot rating restrictions. Some good discussion between Gordon P. and Eric M. on this topic...It was decided no less than T2 rated tandem pilots shall fly at Funston...this topic to be re-addressed at next meeting. Existing and prospective tandem pilots are encouraged to attend!

Vice President's Report:

Nothing to report...too busy taking notes.

Secretary's Report:

Not present

Treasurer's Report:

Not present

Safety Officer's Report:

Not present

Other Business:

For incorporation purposes, name change was voted upon and passed, but feel free to call ourselves Fellow Feathers whenever you wish...

Clubhouse membership dues were raised from $20.00 to $30.00 by unanimous vote. Dues increase will go into effect 2008.

Question posed as to when Fellow Feather's first acquired use permit to fly Funston. Tom J. and Brent mentioned as early as 1972. If anyone remembers differently, please let us know!

Daniel Pifko brought up have a virtual air race by using GeoLadders gps tracking devices. This may require a 3-day seminar for many who fly Funston, but it was a nice idea nonetheless...

Chris V. volunteered to write letter to park with regard to long-range strategic plan inclusion.

The weekend of August 18th will be a memorial fly-in for Dan Murphy as well as spreading of Dan's ashes. There will be a BBQ and possible air races. All voting members voted in favor of $400.00 being put toward the BBQ...formal announcement will be made on later date.

Meeting adjourned...

Fly safe...
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