March 3, 2021 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

March 3, 2021 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Thu Mar 11, 2021 10:40 am

In Attendance;
  • Jessica Koerner (Prez)
  • John Taylor
  • Steve Rodrigues (GGNRA Liason, Treasurer)
  • Danny Freeman
  • Urs (Tandem Admin)
  • Brad Martin (Safety Director)
  • Chris Valley (Vice Prez)
  • Rob Racer (Clubhouse Manager)
  • Andy Balk
  • Masayo Eda
  • Takeo Eda
  • Isaiah Clapp
  • Ron Barry (Secretary, Training Bowl Administrator)
  • David Egli
  • John Simpson

Notable Flights
  • John had a nice shear flight a couple weeks back.
  • Jessica flew Lake Elsinore for the first time - great soaring flight. Ended
    up headding to Valle de Bravo with some of those pilots who were traveling
    there for the El Penon Classic Race. Highly recommended! Excellent flying,
    adorable town.

President (Jessica)

Vice President (Chris Valley)
  • 33 Stickers have gone out by mail. The funds have been forwarded to Steve.

Treasurer (Steve)
  • $24,217.14, minus $12 roofing fund = $12,217.14.
  • Steve has deposited the checks from Chris Valley, but they have not yet
    cleared and been added to our available balance. The pending $624 will bring
    our total to $24,841.14 (minus the roofing fund = $12,841.14)
  • Filed the state income tax form.
  • Additional slots in the clubhouse look to add ~$900/year.
  • We're starting to build up a war chest. The IRS doesn't like non-profits to
    hold more than about 2 years of expenses. For us, that would be ~$20,000/yr.
    We are soliciting ideas for ways to invest the capital.
    • Takeo suggested a First Aid/CPR course for our pilots. Will discuss later.

GGNRA Liason (Steve)
  • Had a meeting w/ James Sword ~10 days ago;
    • Asked about how we'll change the electrical system in the new clubhouse
      area. That will be submitted.
    • James asked about George's accident. Other GGNRA officials have expressed
      deep concern about the publicity that accompanied George's accident.
      James commented that this could have been a fatality, and that it follows
      another recent fatality.
    • As a result, we've been asked for stats; death rates, accident rates,
      injury rates, flight numbers.
    • We're currently under a microscope. We need to be on our best behavior
      in terms of safety. We can't have accidents.
    • If we hit a spectator, we will lose the flying site. Full stop.
    • It was pointed out to James that people are killed rock climbing at
      Yosemite, buried by dirt at Funston. Why are we singled out? The answer
      is that HG is a niche operation at Funston. The number of participants
      in HG vs the number of pedestrians at the Fort are different by 1000x,
      but have similar accident statistics. A hiking accident only ever affects
      the hiker, but a hiker's mistake doesn't put other hikers at risk.
    • Language in our SUP reads that the permit may be cancelled at any time
      for any reason.
    • GGNRA have held us responsible for our behavior in all of their space,
      but we are only able to manage pilots in areas covered by our SUP -
      specifically, Fort Funston.
    • Proposals, which Steve will enter in time for the next meeting in order
      to follow the 10-day warning protocol on rule change proposals.:
      • "No aerobatics or stunt flying at Fort Funston."
      • Send some official reminder that everyone MUST abide by the
        1-wingspan rule, with suspensions when violated.

Clubhouse Manager (Rob)
  • Has processed about 50% of applications. THE LOCK HAS BEEN CHANGED.
  • Has built an attachment for the water spigot. We'll be able to wash
    the clubhouse and, potentially, gliders.
  • Purchased a ladder for use in the clubhouse, so people have an easier time
    getting gliders on and off the upper racks. This was a personal donation.
    THANKS ROB!!!!!
  • Rob has a plan to discourage whoever has been doing graffiti on the back of
    the building.

Tandem Administrator (Urs)
  • No comments. No new requests for inspection.
  • Urs asked about a tandem pilot who flew passengers, yesterday. Urs had not
    received paperwork from him, or inspected his gear this year, but Rob said
    he (Rob) had done the annual inspection, as allowed by section 4 of the FF
    Tandem Regulations. Urs has asked that the pilot provide paperwork (none of
    the passengers were 30-day members, they are full members of USHPA) so the
    tandem pilot will provide those USHPA ids to Urs immediately.

Safety Director
  • Acknowledged George's accident. We didn't discuss it, since it was last
  • A pilot had a downtube break after a bad approach and landing, yesterday.
    Brad spoke to him in an official capacity about it, and doesn't feel the
    pilot took him seriously. This is the second time in as many months that
    this pilot has been in serious danger in the air and the second time that
    he has rebuffed the Safety Officer. There is video of the former incident.
    His instructor has been informed, has seen the video, and will discuss the
    pilot's repeated sketchy flying and the liklihood that it will cause him a
    loss of rating.
  • I (as the secretary) asked if, when pilots' names come up in the open forum
    of the board meeting, if their name should be recorded. There's been
    question on this in the past when it came to a few recalcitrant offenders,
    so I wanted to clarify. Consensus was no.

Training Bowl Administrator
  • No news.

New business.
  • Jessica suggested doing an assisted windy launch clinic. She will be
    speaking to Zac about the possibility of teaching such a thing. This led to
    some conversation about the necessity.
  • Discussion included the number of blown launches, unhooked launches,
    un-preflighted gliders. There needs to be a standard of instruction. A
    number of volunteers stood up to work out the solution. Assisted Windy
    Cliff Launch is a special skill, which can only be signed off by an instructor or
    appointed observer for our region. (
    No information available, during the meeting, as to whether anyone (in
    addition to instructors) is allowed to teach these skills.
  • The list of volunteers;
    • Jessica
    • Brad
    • Masayo
    • Takeo
    • Urs
    • Steve
    • John
  • Planning for spot-landing day.
    • We don't know what GGNRA's rules on gatherings is, atm. Steve is already
      slated to have a conversation with our GGNRA rep about the rules.
    • Rob was volunteered (and accepted) to help plan whatever event we're
      allowed to have. Jess will coordinate planning and logistics with Rob.
  • Danny would like to nominate Rob as a member for life (gratis.) There was a
    second. There is a concern about precedent. Everyone was energetically
    complimentary of Rob (and Steve). Your humble documentor's opinion is that
    this club would not exist without the combined efforts of these fine
    gentlemen. When you see them, please take a moment to express to them our
    tremendous debt of gratitude.
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