2021 Planning Meeting/Brainstorming Session. 12/15/20

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

2021 Planning Meeting/Brainstorming Session. 12/15/20

Postby RonB » Thu Jan 14, 2021 4:19 pm

  • Mission/Goals for 2021
    • Keep Funston a fun, safe, friendly place to fly
    • No "Old Funston" - no room for bullying, harassment, aggression, etc - Tracy helped to shift this, and we want to keep it that way
    • Build our community with events, communications, training to engage existing, retired, and new/future pilots = grow the sport!
    • Priority to create a site intro video (Jess to lead)
  • Communications
    • Responding to inbound requests/complaints/issues: board is doing really well on this so far
      • Discuss response privately amongst board members
      • Agree on communication point person and message contents (get sign-off before sending)
      • Maintain a single point of contact for issues/threads
    • Facebook/Social Media
      • Opportunity to engage our community more here, consolidate Fellow Feathers to a single page
        • Jess to contact owner of the unofficial FF fb page to try to close it down (Rob, can you send the best contact info for Chris Ellis?)
        • Jess to contact Joey to transition admin privileges of "official" page to current board (currently admin'd by Joey and Tom Rust)
        • Agreed that admin privileges should transition each year with new Fellow Feathers board
      • Use FB page to promote events, club meetings, general club communications
    • Hopefully increase attendance at monthly club meetings
    • SFGATE article: Jess had initial call with reporter, she will follow up with Steve for an interview. She's hoping to publish Wednesday 12/23 - focus on history of the site, how it's been flying through COVID (we should think about anything we might want to promote: how to start flying, where to learn more, join our FB page for updates, etc)
    • Logos, stickers, t-shirts, to be discussed at a future meeting

  • Events: Have fun, connect and build our community!
    • BBQ + Spot Landing Day - April
      • Check COVID restrictions on gatherings in January; begin planning/promoting in early February (Jess/Steve)
    • Memorial Picnic - June
      • Begin planning in early April
    • Speed Gliding/Air Races - August (Vintage days theme also considered)
      • Begin planning in early June
    • Fly-in/Campout - TBD
      • Potentially combine with MCHGA?
      • Sites considered: Woodrat, Hat Creek (great for H2's), Big Sur, Hull
      • Revisit in February
  • Training: support safer pilots, skill development, learning
    • Create Fort Funston Site Intro Video (by Feb/March)! (Reference: Torrey Pines) - Jess
      • Reach out to Saul, Lijian, broader community for volunteers to help collect/edit video footage - Jess
      • Write outline of content to include - Jess
      • Feedback from board on outline
      • Write script for voice over, collect feedback - Jess
      • CO, Editing, production - Lijian/Saul?
    • Discussed hosting an Assisted Windy Cliff Launch Clinic (maybe we do this in April along with the Spot Landing Day?)
    • Let's consider other opportunities for ground school - promoting existing webinars, creating new webinars covering flying topics - could promote these on our FB page as well

  • GGNRA/Site Relations: take care of the park and help to stay in the GGNRA's good graces
    • Discussed possibly planning a park clean-up day, paint over graffiti, etc - revisit in February
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