August 8, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

August 8, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:41 am

In attendance;
  • Steve Rodrigues
  • Ron Barry
  • Brad Martin
  • Isaiah Clapp
  • John Taylor
  • Rich Sibley
  • Rob Racer
  • Urs
  • Jessica
  • Andy
  • Adrian deLisser

President (Isaiah Clapp);
  • Pass

VP (Ron Barry)
  • Pass

Treasurer (Steve Rodrigues)
  • $21,620.38 in bank, minus $12k for roofing fund: $9,620.38
  • There are still people who haven't paid. It's the second half of the
    year, people.
  • Empty storeroom inspection w/ james.
    • 17.5' x 18.5' HIGH ceiling.
    • No electrics, bare wires snipped off & hanging loose.
    • Door is no good.
    • All work would be our financial responsibility.
    • $291/sqft, so + $434/year to take over the room, plus fixing cost.
    • Given our budget situation (full clubhouse), we bring in $7800/yr
      on cubhouse dues (when people pay). =] Previous year sticker
      donations (?) We can afford the room and still have surplus.
    • Unanimous support. We'll communicate w/ James that we'll take it.
  • The power lines to the clubhouse are exposed again. Called PG&E
    to "report downed power lines", who determined that the power lines
    are owned by the Parker Dept, and PG&E isn't responsible. We don't
    know if The Park has done anything.
  • Some discusion followed about how we might prevent further wind
    erosion from exposing the cables again (assuming we re-bury them.)
  • Ron suggested this stuff: ... h8QAvD_BwE

  • About 20 people haven't paid. Rob will send out a notification to everyone,
    after that, we're going to... do something.
  • Rob'll post a work party.
  • It was suggested that we tell unpaid pilots that they go to the end of the list the following
    year. They could potentially end up without a slot.

Training Bowl Admin / Safety Officer
  • The instructors' meeting was Tuesday. Notes should be on website.
  • (Urs) We still have problems with spectators in the launch area.
  • (Steve) saw a pilot turtle & break downtube. Miscommunication w/ wire crew.
    We need to emphasize, during site intro, if you're not comfortable with
    someone on the wire to kick them off. You're still the pilot in command.

Unfinished/Continuing Business from last meeting.
  • Second vote to change the bylaws to require month-plus notification of rule
    changes, and multiple votes. (Adopted to prevent meeting-packing to game the
    system.) Unanimously passed.

  • We need to have a direct conversation w/ Dump pilots about how much the paragliders
    are crowding the Funston launch. The previous "agreement" was essentially that,
    if they faied to fly respectfuly, GGNRA woud approach the city about turning it
    into a regulated site. Rob'll send photos of the biggest offenders and Steve
    will have a conversation with the BAPA leadership about it. Hopefully BAPA can
    contact the non-bapa pilots and remind them that their actions endanger the
    unregulated nature of the dumps.
  • It was suggested that we replace the sandbags that are protecting the setup area.
    (We're likely to get busted for the fact that they're falling apart into litter.)
    We've been given permission (by GGNRA) to maintain the sandbags until they fix
    the parking lot, but that project has been on hold because of COVID. Rob will
    look into some sandbags that will be more durable to traffic.
  • Jessica will be nominated as a potential rep to USHPA.
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