August 14 2007 Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

August 14 2007 Meeting Minutes

Postby crvalley » Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:55 am

Fellow Feathers August 14, 2007

Pilots Present

Steve R.
Tom W.
Pat A.
Chris V.
Brian F.
Daniel M.

President's Report

Steve mentioned adding language to our tandem rules regarding landing at Funston while launching elsewhere. A tandem pilot a couple weeks ago landed at Funston, but had launched at Westlake. Everyone is on the same page now...

Fewer two space storage in the clubhouse...thanks to those who gave up their extra spot for those who regularly fly Funston and need a slot for their glider...

Glider storage maintenance...if you see your rack giving way, take the time to fix it yourself or contact the clubhouse manager...

Sticker redesign...might go with the old helmet sticker design, but have it altered to a topless glider instead...this is not an afront to those who fly king-posted gliders...just an idea...Chris would like lime green for the sticker color in 2008...

Vice President Report

Chris wrote a letter to the park with respect to Fellow Feathers' continued involvement with the park's long-range plans and goals...if you'd like a copy, Chris will email you one upon request...

Secretary's Report

Still retrieving his glider at Hull...not present...

Treasurer's Report

Daniel M. is finding new ways to cut expenses and now that we're incorporated we should be able to get a better account agreement with our current bank...otherwise, attention is being paid to our increasing PG&E bill and why we appear to be paying more this year than last...

Safety Officer's Report

Pilots need to be more aware of the 25-foot clearance requirement between our gliders and pedestrians. All pilots are encouraged to talk to those who are witnessed flying too close to pedestrians. If pedestrians are having to duck and run for their lives, you have flown too close to them...Remember: DO NOT FLY WITHIN 25-FEET OF PEDESTRIANS AT FORT FUNSTON! If you see someone flying too close to pedestrians, but are uncomfortable approaching the pilot, you can contact the safety officer and he can help out...the goal here is safety and keeping Funston open to flying hang-gliders!

Other Business

Brian Foster announced that we are officially incorporated as a club...big round of applause for Brian and his hard work with government officials in getting this done.

Daniel Pifko is making a list of dates when specific items are due for our club every year...

Volunteers are needed for an informal time trial / air race this weekend. This is not a USHPA sanctioned event, so no points will be awarded.

Meeting adjourned.

Fly Safe and 25 feet away from pedestrians!!!
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