February 7th, 2019 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

February 7th, 2019 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:31 am

In attendance:
  • Bradley Martin
  • Rob Racer
  • John Simpson
  • Barton
  • Ron Barry
  • Steve Rodriguez
  • Marginal Mark
  • Frank Schaffer.

We’re all pretty air horny this time of year, but keep in mind that hairy weather doesn’t just endanger you, but it is a potential threat to spectators and therefore the site. Make good decisions, stay safe!

Site Maintenance (Rob)
  • Windsock replacement & mast.
    • Rob tells us that a club member attempted to replace the windsock alone, broke the headpiece, and potentially the pole. No-one at the meeting has seen it yet, so we’re not sure how much damage was done. We’ll probably have to replace the locking mechanism, the cage, and some part of the headpiece.
    • The mast is currently sitting in the iceplant.
  • Lawn
    • Having some issue with the lawn mower. ???
    • Rob’ll start salt/vinegaring the weeds in the next week or two.
  • Rob’s replaced the west side of the metal flashing on the clubhouse roof.
  • The mural’s been painted over - it hasn’t been waterproofed in ages and was leaking. It was just stucco wire covered in stucco, so the rain would soak in and come through the wall, leaving a puddle in the clubhouse. The “paint” Rob used is actualy “Dry Lock”, a product used for waterproofing basements in humid environments.
    • Brad suggested that we project an image on it, sketch/trace our own image, then finish (color) it during the day.
    • Steve suggested that we keep the color scheme somewhat muted. General agreement.

Treasury (Steve)
  • Have $14,862.81. $2,862.81 in the General Fund and $12,000 reserved for roofing fund.
    • Brian Fallon is a professional roofer, Brad suggested that we chat with him about the state of the roof.
    • By code, any puddles should evaporate w/in 48 hours of a storm.
    • Someone at the park is responsible for keeping part of the roof clear of dirt and debris, but it’s not happening. We should probably consider doing a cleaning ourselves. Even though the worst of it would be in the part of the room we’re not technically resonsible for, our computer and windtalker are in there.
    • Rob’s inspecting the roof - top/bottom/rafters - 2-3 times per year to be sure we’re free of leaks and soft spots.

  • We got our special use permit renewed. Our new permit expires on September, 30, 2020.
  • We now have permission to fly North of the North Gap during Bank Swallow season, as long as we’re above 500’ AGL. If there’s a chance of sinking below 500’, don’t cross the North Gap.

Clubhouse Manager (John Simpson)
  • Mailing keys shortly.
  • Rob’s been making them on a keymaking rig and has enough blanks to last us a while.
  • Steph Martin and the Bay Area Air Quality representative will need to receive keys.
  • Steve will email Steph about the Knox Box (we put a key in a special lockbox that allows emergency responders access to the clubhouse if necessary.)
  • It was suggested that we consider an electronic lock, to make the distribution of keys easier, faster, and cheaper, and make access revocation possible without issuing new keys.
    • Should NOT operate on a single passcode.
    • We could use phone proximity or one passcode per person.
    • Something to consider late in the year, since we already have keys for 2019.

Safety Officer (Brad)
  • Nothing to report.

Secretary (Ron)
  • Nothing to report.

Action Items:
  • Ron’s volunteering to put together a reference for the box at the site, showing the boundaries of the new Class B.
  • We need to change the questions on the application forms to reflect the new SFO airspace.

A conversation about stickers came up. Steve has a few, but John Rinaldi has the bulk of them (he’s out of the area at the moment.) We’ll be good for now. Steve gave most of them to John Simpson, since John’s currently holding “about 50 applications” that need responses. (John Simpson, as the new Clubhouse Manager, is the contact if you’d like to enquire about the status of your keys/stickers/etc. We won’t be changing the locks for the year until the new keys have been shipped out - within 1-2 weeks.)
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