Minutes 9 October 2007

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 9 October 2007

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Fellow Feathers
9 October 2007

Present were:

Brian, Chris, Daniel M., Daniel P., Gwenhaël, Jonah, Rafi, Steve, Ted, Tom, Urs

Topics were:

- Need to revise and update club's position on safety, rules, (un)acceptable behaviors, etc.
- Wind talker is fixed, web system back online.
- Audio weathervane sticking at low wind speeds. Steve has been climbing up the pole to lubricate...
- If you need to plug anything in the clubhouse (like recharging radio controlled planes) do not use the same plugs as the computers! You risk putting the whole web system offline.
- New membership database soon to be online.
- Steve will meet with GGNRA to update and formalize list of items to be taken care of by the club (roof maintenance, bush area upkeep, etc.).
- Lost and found list should be published on the bulletin board.
- Urs requested $250 to defray his costs for attending the Ushpa meeting. Motion passed.
- Stickers will be ordered this month and ready for the November meeting.

Club house and associated items

- Clubhouse renewal forms will be sent out by 31 October. Completed renewal forms must be mailed back by 1 January 2008.
- New keys will be mailed before locks are changed on 28 February.
- Gliders in spaces not associated to a renewal will be moved to purgatory.
- Current purgatory inventory will be auctioned off after April meeting if not claimed.


- Elections for the 2008 board of directors will be held in December. Nominations will be discussed at the November meeting. Throw your hat in the ring!

You're a tax guy a or not-for-profit specialist?

- What documentation do we need by the end of year for the new incorporated structure?

No more pizza. Meeting adjourned.
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