April 4th, 2019 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

April 4th, 2019 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:01 am

In attendance;
  • Rob Racer (President)
  • Steve Rodriguez (Treasurer)
  • John Rinaldi (Vice President)
  • Ron Barry (Secretary)
  • John Simpson (Clubhouse Manager)
  • Brad Martin (Safety Officer)
  • Jim Mueller

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, should ANYONE be in the clubhouse unless they have
their own key. There have been problems with theft. The perpetrator have been
identified and property returned. Do NOT loan your key to anyone - it's grounds for

There was a discussion about options (related to thefts), which eventually settled on putting
security cameras in the clubhouse. An extended debate followed about local-
storage systems vs. online systems (Ring) followed. Steve raised the motion to
acquire a Ring security system, Seconded (Ron), and the motion carried unanimously.

From March;
  • Maps - Steve came in with an abbreviated map, which will be added to the bylaws and made available at Funston.
  • Maps - Ron's maps will also be available at Funston, for anyone curious about the specifics.

Rob (President)
  • Rob and Steve met w/ Coast Guard to train them in what to do if they have to deal w/ a hang glider crash. Talked about where to cut/not to cut a glider and harness, parachute handles, etc.
  • There are a couple gliders in purgatory - have been for years. We're trying to sort out what to do with them. The old WW tandem may be scrapped for parts.

John Rinaldi (VP)
  • Has about 10 checks to drop off.

Steve Rodriguez (Treasurer)
  • Fewer mail-in stickers this year.
  • Projected to make budget. Possibly even run a surplus.
  • 12k roofing is set aside. $8235.79 in the general fund.
  • If you take a form and $$$, fold the cash/check with the form and put it in the lock box, inside of the gear box.

John Simpson (Clubhouse Manager)
  • Alejandro (SP?) has been mowing the lawn. Should we purchase a decent mower?
  • There's a dealer/repairman of used mowers in Daly City that we'll contact about a possible option.

Brad Martin (Safety Officer)
  • Keep an eye on glider maintenance, everyone. (When was the last time you replaced your side wires?)
  • If you're doing repairs or any kind of work, make sure a pro does or inspects it!!!

  • Everyone is short on stickers; Steve, Rob, The Box. John R has a few, but not at the meeting. Will deliver a few to Steve.
  • Work party this Friday morning at 9am.
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