Minutes 11 March 2008

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 11 March 2008

Postby Gw. » Wed Mar 12, 2008 9:59 pm

Fellow Feathers
11 March 2008

Present were:

the usual, and new faces, among whom Van (new H2), Tim (1st meeting in 10 years of flying the Fort), Jim.

Another shear today, second day in a row.

Topics were:

- New anemometer is up and shows good readings.
- New dog do bag dispenser installed by the water fountain.
- About 10 members are unpaid and will not receive keys until paid up.
- Web systems (webcam, membership databases) have been moved to more robust servers.
- Unclaimed lockers padlocks have been cut (notices have been posted for a long time). Items will be placed in purgatory and will be sold at auction next year (valuables will be stored elsewhere).
- This year auction/BBQ is scheduled for 12-13 April.
- Sticker donation form will be amended to include a line to suggest applying for membership.
- One suspension was issued for violating the 25' rule.
- Reminder: touch-and-goes are unsafe and potentially deadly. No more touch-and-goes without clear awareness of surroundings. Passing low in front of launch is equally dangerous, as would be any blind intersection.
- Wings of Rogallo donated $300 for the webcam.
- Web ad policy is modified to forbid flashing ads and impose static images, with a 4-second minimum rotation if necessary.

Pizza is mediocre. Meeting is adjourned
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