March 5, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

March 5, 2020 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:41 pm

In attendance;
  • Rob Racer (Clubhouse Manager)
  • Steve Rodrigues (Treasurer)
  • Ron Barry (Vice President, Secretary)
  • Isaiah Clapp (President)

  • Discussion about keys, applications, envelopes, handling the mountain of
  • The clubhouse is going to need attention this year. We're talking about doing
    a full scrape-and-paint job.
  • Discussion of the Special Use Permit and our lawn mower gas. We'll get a
    fireproof container for gas.
  • Lawnmowers. The push mower's failed. It may be under warranty? The self-
    propelled is still alive. We'll get rid of the dead one and use the empty space
    for the new fireproof cabinet. (We have a budget of $175/year for mowers.)
  • People w/ multiple spots are causing some confusion. It was suggested that
    we pre-draw the order of double-slot holders and let everyone know where they
    sit in the order. That way, people have more notice that they'll lose their
    spot soon.

Treasurer Report (Steve Rodrigues)
  • $13,878.46 minus $12,000 for the roofing fund = 1,878.46. Checks for 2020
    membership are coming in.
  • Annual review for ggnra is done and tehy're happy with it.
  • Site insurance is in effect. (All forms submitted and accepted.)

President (Isaiah Clapp)
  • Need to update signatures on the Bank of America accounts to have at least 2
    current board members. Rob, Steve, and Isaiah will pick a date and get it taken
    care of.

Vice President/Secretary (Ron Barry)
  • Just processing forms. Typing stuff up.
  • Bob Zuparko asked me if we could put his 80s photos on the website.

Technology Report (George, absent)
  • Windtalker is going to some sort of error message. ATT support gave us the
    runaround. After a reboot of all related gear, we're back online.
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