Minutes 8/8/06

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 8/8/06

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Fellow Feathers Club Meeting
August 8, 2006

Treas. Report

Old Business
-Landing on launch
-Art suspension
-Incorporation as a non-profit

New Business

Steve Rodrigues
Urs Kellenberger
Gwenhael Jacq
Daniel Pifko
Dan Rogers
Dingo Dave
Brian Foster
Chris Valley
Eric Mies
Ian Darnell

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer absent

Old Business:

•Commercial tandems are not allowed at Fort Funston
•Propose change to rules to either incorporate tandem rules into regular rules or to specifically allow suspension of flying privileges.

Landing on Launch
• Don’t pass too closely to pedestrians.
• We can suspend pilots for landing within 25 feet
• What about landing closely to other pilots?
• How do we judge 25 feet?
• Discussion:
o 25 feet should be up to the observers’ judgement
o Other pilots shouldn’t count
o 25 feet should be obvious, especially including the reaction of the impactee

Art’s Suspension
• Steve recounted the story of Art doing 2-3 loops in the launch window, in front of the deck
• Art completely disregarded safety, the rules and, when confronted, any admission of his having done anything wrong.
• Steve recommends a longer suspension, no less than 30 days. Art to be informed that subsequent violation would be at least 6 months.
• Let him know ahead of the next meeting. We can give him a longer suspension at the next meeting. If he does it again we would suspend him for a year.

• Nothing

• Nothing

• September 30th
• Posted on 4 web sites
• Will be empty Sept 30th!!!
• Bolfing’s glider is gone
• Wadsworth’s glider will be gone
• Will post on the Berkeley mailing list
• Can we add 6 more lockers? We don’t want to buy more, but we authorize putting 6 more in.

New Business:

Dog crap
• There has been an increase in dog poop
• What can we do? Put in a plastic bag dispenser?
• Certainly tell the dog owners when their animals drop

• Steve to call Rudy to check on status or find the name of the sign person

Stuff in the clubhouse
• Dr. Darryl left stuff in the clubhouse
• Steve to ask Dr. Darryl what the plan is for the rigid wing

• Saturday, September 30th
• Up to $350, no more than $400. Moved and approved.
• No beer
• Chicken breasts and legs, steaks, and burger
• Daniel to broadcast on the web site
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