July 2, 2019 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

July 2, 2019 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Fri Jul 05, 2019 11:36 am

  • Rob Racer
  • Brad Martin
  • John Rinaldi
  • Ron Barry
  • Mike Shields (New H3)
  • Todd Bricker (New H3)

Air Races
  • August 31
  • Spot landing contest?

Rob (Prez Report)
  • Reminder: we need to inspect fire extinguishers. (John's realm.)

John Rinaldi
  • A film crew in SF want some HG pilots at FF to be available to
    fly for them. Tentatively, they'll be doing Monday, 7/8 and Friday,
  • Opened discussion of whether we should be encouraging people to
    use the paypal account to send in sticker/clubhouse payments.
    Handling cash is a pain in the ass. Treasurer: do we get a deal
    from paypal, being a non-profit? Todd Bricker looked it up - the
    overhead from PP is 2.2%. It might still be worth it.

John Simpson (Clubhous Manager.)
  • There had been a puddle in the blue rack row a few weeks ago. It
    wasn't there long, and we weren't able to determine the source.
    If you're on the inside of a rack, please check to be sure that the
    glider you're displacing isn't going to be in a bad spot when you
    put it on the floor.

Brad Martin (Safety Officer)
  • Happy to see people deciding not to fly, even up to the moment when
    they're ready to launch.
  • We discussed, for the new H3s, some options on the landing
    approach, when to make which decisions.

Steve Rodrigues (Treasurer, absent. Submitted by email.)
  • ...while expenses are known, our income is only an estimate based upon
    actual income from the previous year. Also note that our estimated
    income includes $506- from holding the Air Races and BBQ event, which
    has yet to be planned.
  • ...budget reflects two adjustments: First is the added expense of
    replacing our self-propelled lawn mower every two years. Total cost is
    $340-, half of which adds $170- to our annual budget. Second is the
    $300- annual savings in DSL service by switching from Coastside to
  • Our current balance at Bank of America is $19,245.86.
  • Our roofing fund set-aside is $12,000- which results in liquid cash
    assets of $7,245.80. Our budgeted expenditures total $8822.79, which
    means we are $1,576.93 short of balancing our budget. I am a little
    concerned with this shortfall because most sticker donations have
    usually come in by this point in the season.
  • One major contributing factor is that 10 clubhouse members have not
    paid their dues. This creates a shortfall of $750. I've contacted most
    of them, 4 said they would mail their dues ASAP but have yet to do so.
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