March 7th, 2019 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

March 7th, 2019 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:02 pm

In attendance;
  • Rob Racer (Prez)
  • John Simpson (Clubhouse Mgr)
  • Chris Carillo
  • Brad Martin (Safety Officer)
  • John Rinaldi (V.P.)
  • Ron Barry (Secretary)

From February;
  • Airspace maps.
    • Demo printouts were circulated at the meeting.
    • Since the maps aren't contiguous, we need an overall map that shows the context for each.
    • "2100" shows up in two side-by-side airspace areas. Needs clarification.
    • Two of the maps aren't full-page - fix.
  • Re-jigger the application forms to reflect the new SFO airspace.

  • Fixed the gutter flashing
  • Discussing what to do about the painted-over mural. (Had to be painted to seal against intruding water.) Ideas include engaging an artist, doing it ourselves using a projector, or even doing it elsewhere and attaching it to the existing wall.
  • Windsock, the top of the mast, and the cage have been replaced. Rob has reconstructed everything in the top foot or so.
  • The pipe we installed to redirect water from the parking lot to the other side of the deck is working fantastically. The last major rainstorm didn't result in any flow in the trench along the brush to the cliff. We've had no further runoff on the cliff face or the erosion issues it was causing.

John Rinaldi (V.P.)

John Simpson (Clubhouse Manager)
  • One batch of keys - about 40 of them - went out last week. The next batch should be out in the next two weeks. Once they've been distributed, we'll change the lock.

Steve Rodrigues (Treasurer) Not present. Mailed in notes.
  • Filed our non-profit tax docs w/ California. We're good for another 2 years.
  • Steve will no longer be a Director at Large as a result of the USHPA reorg vote.
  • Current balance is $18,214.95. $12,000 is reserved for roofing fund which leaves $6,214.95.
  • Budget goal is $9,312, so we're short by about $3,000, but we've yet to process about half of the clubhouse memberships or any of the sticker donations, so Steve believes we're on track.

Brad Martin (Safety Officer)
  • Would like to see Chris' (Carillo's) downtube. The corrosion is amazingly bad.
  • Asks that pilots keep to the rules about where and when to do aerobatics. If we have an issue that affects a pilot, it sucks for us all, but if we have an issue that involves a spectator or dog, we could potentially lose our rights to fly.

Misc Discussions.
  • Rob's gotten his hands on a bunch of early 70s Funston flying video.
  • Talked about a viewing party for some old documentaries. Dave Chavez has a ton of old videos of flying at Funston. They've already been converted to DVD, but Brad will talk to him about getting copies. John will try to edit them together and Ron will post full raw cuts to YouTube.
  • Protracted discussion about (potentially) getting a dehumidifier in the clubhouse, precipitated (heh heh) by the discussion of Chris' corrosion problem.

Great Flights.
  • Rob just got back from his flying trip to Mexico. He highly recommends it. For less than two grand, you get transport to and from the airport, accomodations, and a week of two flights per day in a spanking new Sport 3. The best time to fly there is between December and February. The thermals were tiny, fast, high-bank, dizzying affairs. Lots of stuff to do when he wasn't flying.

Action Items
  • Ron will make the necessary edits to the application form and maps, and send everything out for review. At the next meeting, we'll need to discuss how to provide them at the fort. Rob suggested a sturdy waterproof mounting that could be propped up in the setup area on busy days.
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