January 7, 2021 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

January 7, 2021 Fellow Feathers' Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:15 pm

In attendance;
  • Jessica Koerner (Pres)
  • Steve Rodrigues (GGNRA Liason, Treasurer)
  • George Artz (Tech)
  • Kaveh Vejdani
  • Chris Valley (VP)
  • Danny Freeman
  • Urs (Tandem Admin)
  • Chris Kelley
  • Richard Sibley
  • Rob Racer (Clubhouse Mgr)

Misc discussion;
  • Went through the attendees and introduced ourselves to Kaveh.
  • The car that went over the cliff didn't seem to do much damage in its launch
    or recovery.

President (Jessica Koerner)
  • Overview of "Brainstorming Meeting" results; Notes will be separately
  • Jessica asked if it would be better to do the Spot Landing Day in May,
    instead of April, to get a better shake from the weather. We don't know
    where we'll be with lockdown procedures in May.
  • Steve and Jessica met with an SFGate reporter to do an article and provided
    photos for inclusion in publication.
  • Ron brought up a reminder that USHPA magazine prints few HG articles because
    they operate on pilot submissions, and we should put something together for
  • The production of a site intro video series (~2 min each) is underway. Takeo
    and Lijan will be doing the majority of that.

VP (Chris Valley)
  • Stickers are coming.
  • Chris needed some intro to process for handling incoming applications.
  • The box is setup at the fort. (?)
  • We had an incident with a PPG pilot on New Year's Day. Chris chatted with
    him, reported him to dispatch (who didn't know powered aircraft weren't
  • Steve has communicated with Park authorities - the rangers and dispatch have
    been re-instructed on the sitution.
  • If something similar happens in the future, ask dispatch to put you straight
    through to the officer on duty.

Treasurer (Steve Rodrigues)
  • $19,474.72 in the bank, minus $12k = $7,474.72. The GGNRA Service District
    Charge check hasn't been cached, yet, so minus that, we're at 3871.72.
  • Thanks to Rob for getting everyone to pay their &*^#&^ fees last year.
  • Paypal still takes 3% of our income if you hit the donation button on the
    website. We'd prefer people transmit that using "friends and family" to
    avoid that, but it's not available if you go through the website.
  • George will look into making the button do the FnF donation, and into making
    the button bigger/more noticeable.

GGNRA Liason (Steve Rodrigues)
  • Steve has talked w/ the park - we are on standby to get woodchips. There is
    also the possibility of getting chips from outside GGNRA sites, as long as
    the quality is good.

Clubhouse (Rob Racer)
  • Rob found a new metal door for us that he got a steep discount on. The
    door is in (or should be 100% by Saturday.) Walls need paint.
  • Will be moving some of the lockers in the main area to the new space so we
    can add another rack and 12 more spots. The extra storage will more than
    pay our extra rent for the added space.
  • Dug a new culvert to divert flow away from the launch.
  • Steve and Rob did the sandbagging along the parking lot. Steve got someone
    from the Park service to provide the bags.
  • Keys will be cut this weekend. Locks will be changed around March 1.
  • We had the annual discussion about how to get people to pay their dues on
  • It was suggested that;
    Rules and waiver change: "If you fail to pay your dues by June 1, you will
    lose your Clubhouse slot and locker. Your glider will be moved to
    Purgatory (and sold if left abandoned for a year.)" However, everyone has
    already signed a waiver that says that - if they haven't paid by Feb 1 -
    they lose their slot and their gear goes to Purgatory.
  • AS A RESULT, IF you have not covered your dues by March 1, we will act upon
    the bylaws as they already stand and as you have already agreed to them.
  • Steve will fine-tune the language and circulate it to board before forwarding
    to all members.

Tandem Report (Urs)
  • Urs is putting together the Tandem report and needs Tandem flight counts.
  • Danny had 3, Richard had 4. Urs will reach out to all other T* pilots to
    get numbers.
  • We have to send out an annual notice to tandem pilots reminding them that
    commercial operation is banned.
  • Before your first tandem flight each year, you MUST have your gear inspected
    by Urs.

Tech (George Artz)
  • Website migration from WebFaction -> TSOHost, we don't have a date for that
    yet, but expect to hear soon.
  • The Weather/Pic machine (in the clubouse) was down for 7 - 10 days. Rob
    donated a machine to take its place and George has it up and running.
  • Added a tide graph to the website page.

Training Bowl Admin
  • Ron Barry will hold the position for 2021.
  • Anyone who uses the Training Bowl MUST have their insurance explicitly
    naming Fort Funston.

Ushpa Safety Coordinator
  • Steve volunteered.
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