A special day at Fort Funston - Dave Chavez

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A special day at Fort Funston - Dave Chavez

Postby Big Bird » Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:57 pm

Last week I headed to Fort Funston for some coastal flying (and relief from the scorching valley heat). Although it was fogged-in all day, something special (for me) did happen. An elderly gentleman walked by me with an old hang gliding hat on, and a remotely familiar face. I asked him his name and he told me, Dave Chavez. Dave and I go way back to December 22, 1974. That day was my first attempt at coastal ridge soaring and flight #281 (all inland and mountain flights)
Because of my own inexperience and overconfidence (intermediate syndrome), I ended up breaking both wrists and totaled my 19' standard in a screaming downwind stall on the beach. I still recall seeing a glider floating down to my crash site, it was Dave gliding down to offer assistance and to provide a comforting and reassuring voice in my time of need.
Fort Funston provides far more than just a place for great coastal soaring, it provides memories (and lessons) that can last a lifetime...
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