May 06, 2021 Fort Funston Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Re: May 06, 2021 Fort Funston Fellow Feathers Meeting Minute

Postby Steve Rodrigues » Sat May 08, 2021 9:13 am

May 06, 2021 Fort Funston Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Meeting by Zoom

In attendance;

• Jessica Koerner (Prez)
• Ron (Secretary, Training Bowl Admin)
• Rob Racer (Clubhouse Mgr)
• Steve Rodrigues (GGNRA Liason, Treasurer)
• Brad Martin (Safety Osifer)
• George Artz (Tech Officer)
• Rich Sibley
• Chris Valley
• David Egli
• Isaiah Clapp

Notable Flights

• Ron & Richard did Paradise Airsports Nationals in Florida.
• Jess did a great day at Crestline, launching in 22mph headwind.

President's Report (Jessica)

• Asked CRV about Yosemite - should be a great year, but remember that the
Glacier Point Road repair project will close the site for 2022. Season is
June 3 - Last weeked of sept. CRV will be out there June 3-6 and July 17-18,
Sept 9-12, last weekend of Sept. We need to tread very lightly out there - there
are fragile relationships regarding our impact on the LZ meadow.
• Spot landing contest is Saturday. Food shopping is done (Thanks, Rob!)
• Jess, Brad, Steve will be the safety officers and will do the analysis and
provide the safety briefing at 11am.
• Steve will provide a site intro, in case anyone hasn't had it or needs the
• Flying window will likely be 11:30-2:30, with fudge space in case we need
to adjust for weather.
• It's pot-lucky, so bring something munchable.
• Chris says he loves forms and paperwork, so he'll happily deal w/

Treasurer's Report (Steve Rodrigues)

• Chris has key to the storage lockbox.
• $12k roofing fund has been moved to a CD, earning interest. Now $12,000.51!
• Balance of liquid asset account: $12,443.31
• Diver Dave picked up a wheelbarrow and pitchforks for us. Reimbursed:$213.37
• Red cross bill has been paid.

GGNRA Report (Steve Rodrigues)

• GGNRA (James) got a call from SF Dog org, who does cleanup out there. SFD
used to use our new room, and called to find out where their stuff went. James
says there was nothing in there, and told them so, but called Steve to confirm
that there were no tools. If any of us are asked about it, refer them to Steve
or the GGNRA. (They were never paying for the space.)
• Steve told James that we'd had an arborist assessment on the bush. Told him
that the bush needs water due to drought and climate change. Asked James whether
we can run a line out there to water it. The Australian Tea Tree is non-native,
so they don't care about it. We have no support for caring for it.
• We can't dig in a new line, but there's been consideration of just getting
a long hose to water it periodically. We have been specifically forbidden from
digging - even GGRNA can't dig to put in postholes.
• We're getting more chips delivered. First dump was Tuesday - not enough to
need us to be involved in spreading them. The quality isn't fantastic, but
they'll provide fill and soil retention. We just put out cones w/ green flags to
indicate where we need each dump.

VP's Report (Chris Valley)

• Money from April's been mailed to Steve.
• Lockbox was emptied a couple weeks ago, will be emptied Saturday.

Clubhouse Manager (Rob Racer)

• Only ~4 more applications in the last month.
• About 25 people haven't paid this year.
• Rob's going to have a few weeks before he can attack clubhouse projects
• We heard from Diver Dave that the scythe worked well for dealing with the
overgrowth. It'll be in the doghouse, but asks that people learn (from him) to
use it properly before they take it on.
• Brad made us a new windsock. Brad, Steve, Rob, and Ron put it up on
Wednesday. Brad says it's a test to see how well it holds up. He'll iterate on
the design.

Safety Officer's Report (Brad Martin)

• Submitted the quarterly accidents to USHPA.

Tandem Administrator (Urs, absent)

Tech Officer (George Arz)

• The Ropes Building pictures have not been updating on the website. George
thought it was just a need for a reboot. He had to get access to the building to
reboot it (if it freezes, we can't access remotely.) Latest reboot didn't solve
the problem. The wireless comms between the buildings needs replacement (it's
too long for standard wifi.) Replacement gear has been ordered, should arrive in
a week or two.

Training Bowl Admin (Ron Barry)

• No-one has contacted me about operating there this year, so no-one should be
flying out of the training bowl.

First aid class;

• 11 participants. All became certified.
• We'll talk about doing another one as the season winds down.

Parachute clinic;

• 10 attendees. Repacked 12 chutes. "Deployment" Dave talked through his
Funston deployment. Nearly everyone did a practice deployment.
• Huge thanks to Masayo, who was helping on the assembly line for the entire
• Far too many of the 'chutes presented hadn't been repacked in >4 years.
Please stay on top of your repacking schedules!

Old Business

• Rule #5 from the bylaws: "No aerobatics [definition] within [a window]".
GGNRA prohibit
it entirely in their area, so we have a proposed change that passed last month:
"Stunt flying and aerobatics are prohibited at Fort Funston. Pilots may not
perform aerobatic maneuvers anywhere in the area from the south end of the
Training Bowl up to Sloat Blvd. Aerobatic maneuvers will be defined as any turn
with a bank angle in excess of 60 degrees, or where the pitch attitude of the
glider exceeds 30 degrees above or below horizontal." Proposal passed. This
becomes the new text of the bylaws.

New Business

• Can we move the June meeting from Thursday to Tuesday? (June 3->June 1)
Unanimously agreed.
• Discussion about what people should bring for pot luck. We won't be running
the grill. We're not going to organize in choices. Just bring stuff.
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