December 3, 2020 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

December 3, 2020 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Thu Dec 03, 2020 8:54 pm

  • Danny Freeman and his alternate personality. (Voting only once.)
  • Ron Barry
  • George Artz
  • Jessica Koerner
  • Steve Rodrigues
  • Isaiah Clapp
  • Chris Valley
  • Urs
  • Todd Bricker
  • Lisa L
  • Rich Sibley
  • Patrick Pann
  • Rob Racer
  • Brad Martin
  • Spencer Balona
  • Soham

Annual Corp BOD Mtg, for Nonprofit Status

President (Isaiah Clapp)
  • No corrections to last mtg minutes.
  • Notable flights; Recent days of light November flying...
  • WOR is taking over the paraglider launches by the stables. Bay Area Paragliding
    Association (BAPA) is going to transition over to being a purely social group.
    It sounds like they'll be regulated, part of the RRG, and affiliated w/ GGNRA.

Vice President (Ron Barry)
  • No new applications.

  • $23,991.36 balance, minus $12k roofing: $11,991.36, but GGNRA hasn't cached
    our rent of $2.603, so liquid is $8,388.36.

Clubhouse (Rob Racer)
  • No report. Everyone is paid up.

Brad (Safety)
  • Everyone's been flying safely, no issues, no complaints, no known hard landings.

Technology (George Artz)
  • Website will be migrated (in the next 1-2 months) to tsohost (from webfaction).
    Will know when in the next two weeks.
  • We have a second weather station that we can mount on the windsock pole. When
    the tech migration is done (and we're past the worst of the unflyable weather)
    we'll get it mounted..

GGNRA (Steve Rodrigues)
  • We got approval to remount the ropes cam from inside building to under the roof.
    By putting it under the eaves, we'll be able to see the whole setup area.
    Steve needs to get a weatherproof box put together for it.
  • James asked when we'll start renovating the storage room we took over.
  • Rob and Steve will be working on the renovation in a few weeks, when Rob's
    back in town.
  • Someone has cut a bunch of branches off the bush - big ones. If GGNRA thought
    we were responsible, it could threaten out position with them.
  • Urs asked about wood chips. We will get them when they're available. when
    GGNRA has to take down a tree, it'll be chipped and dropped off for us. (See
    November notes. This is now part of the Special Use Permit.)

Tandem Administrator (Urs)
  • No known tandems in the last month.
  • We have to submit list of incidents and permitted pilots.
    to Steve, who will be submitting it, shortly.
  • John Simpson is now commercially insured for Tandem. He can now do free @
    Funston (NOT any of his students) or paid at Ed Levin. Pilots encouraged to
    verify that Funston passengers are non-commercial.

Old Business - None
New Business - None

Danny asked that "officers hold themselves to a higher standard than they have
in the last few years." Specifically, Empathy, accountability, "not carrying out
personal drama." Urs called question, no vote held, but meeting continued.

Election - Call for more nominations and election.
  • Pres - Isaiah Clapp, Jessica Koerner. Jessica Winning.
  • Vice President - Chris Valley, Winner
  • Secretary - Ron Barry, Winner
  • Treasurer - Steve Rodrigues, Winner
  • Clubhouse Manager - Rob Racer, Winner
  • Safety Director - Jessica Koerner, Brad Martin. Jessica abdicated (to take
    Presidency) Brad wins.
  • Tech Officer - George Artz, Winner
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