June 7th 2018 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

June 7th 2018 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Postby crvalley » Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:19 pm

June 7th 2018 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes (Meeting in honor of Barton Davidson - get well brother!)

In Attendance: Rob Johnson, Chris Valley, Steve Rodrigues, John Simpson, Wayne Michelsen, and Dave Kiesling.

Guests / New Members: No guests or new members.

Great Flights: Good flights at McClure, Diablo, Mission, Cape Lookout, and Funston.

President’s Report (Rob Johnson): Club may consider getting an AED and enhanced first-aid kit. Launch and set up area being well-maintained.

Vice President’s Report (Wayne Michelsen): Caught up with applications and stickers.

Secretary’s Report (Chris Valley): May non-minutes posted.

Treasurer’s Report (Steve Rodrigues): $18,988.44 in the account - $7988.00 left over after set aside for roofing fund.

Clubhouse Officer’s Report (Rob Johnson): Will have all glider racks rebuilt by end of the year. Record number of pilots having paid for their rack space.

Safety Officer’s Report (John Simpson): Reminder that aerobatics are not allowed near launch and the observation deck. Read the rules regarding aerobatics at Funston.

Tech Officer’s Report (Chuck Kranz): Not present. Things are working and getting fixed and or replaced, though, on a regular basis.

Administrator Reports:

~ Tandem (Urs Kellenberger): Not present.
~ Training Bowl (John Simpson): Nothing to report.

GGNRA Liaison Report (Steve Rodrigues): New hang-gliding warning and informational signs for the observation deck are soon to be installed.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business: August 4th date set for the Air Races. Volunteers needed for turn point, start / stop timing and sign-in.

Change in Rule #3 to state “No pilot may fly or land within 25’ of any person on the ground.” Adding “or land” to clarify distance shall be maintained to pedestrians while landing. Second by Simpson - all voted in favor.

A more printer friendly map will be incorporated into paperwork.

Training bowl rule change: Revised to require instructors be USHPA instructor certified. Second by Simpson - all voted in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:37 PM.

Fly safe!
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