Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 2020

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 2020

Postby RonB » Sun Apr 05, 2020 1:22 pm

  • Rob
  • Steve
  • Ron
  • Isaiah
  • George

Additional attendees;
  • Danny Freeman

Treasurer's report;
  • Current account balance stands at $19,867.49
  • $12,000 of our balance is in reserve for the roofing fund, leaving $7,867.49 for operational expenses.
  • Glider slots in the clubhouse are full, though 40 people haven't paid yet. Once collected, these dues
    will get us another $3k.
  • Annual burn this year is expected to be $9,600.

President's report;
  • The club is in good standing.
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