Proposed Revision to Clubhouse Rules

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Proposed Revision to Clubhouse Rules

Postby FellowFeathersEC » Fri Jan 15, 2021 12:32 am

Proposed Revision to Clubhouse Rules

Clubhouse Members are required to pay their annual dues no later than January 31. Unfortunately, some members put off paying their dues until very late in the year, and only then after much follow up by the Clubhouse Manager.

In support of our volunteers, and to incentivize members to pay their dues on time, the FF EC is proposing to add a penalty for non-payment. Please see red highlighted language in rule # 2, below.

The club voted to revise the Clubhouse Rules at the January 7 club meeting. As required, a second vote will be held to adopt the finalized language.

Members are encouraged to review the attached draft and attend the February 4th club meeting to cast their vote.

Thanks for participating in *your* club!



1. Subject to the availability of space, the Fellow Feathers of Fort Funston Hang Gliding Club, Inc. (Club) may allow a Clubhouse Member (Member) the privilege of storing their personal hang gliding equipment in the Clubhouse, Bldg. FF-206.

2. The term of Clubhouse Membership is the calendar year January 1 through December 31. Renewal notices will be mailed in the month of January, and payment is due within 30 days of that notice. Failure to pay by March 1st will result in impound of glider and the loss of clubhouse access for glider storage. Members who store equipment in the Clubhouse and become in arrears of their membership dues will be denied flying privileges at Fort Funston until their dues are paid.

3. Any equipment left in the Clubhouse and not removed within 30 days after the expiration of membership, or loss of the privilege to store equipment in the Clubhouse, will be considered a donation to the Club and may be sold at auction with the proceeds going to the Club treasury.

4. Members may not store more than one glider in the clubhouse without prior authorization. Second spaces may be allocated or repossessed at the discretion of the Clubhouse Manager and/or Executive Committee. Members holding two spaces must surrender one of their spaces if a space is needed for a new member. A random drawing shall be held to determine the order in which the existing two-space members shall surrender a space. Members must vacate their space/s within 30 days of receiving notice to vacate.

5. The privilege to store equipment in the Clubhouse is not transferable and spaces cannot be sub-let.

6. Clubhouse keys may not be duplicated or loaned to Non- Clubhouse Members.

7. No flammable liquids, explosives, or illegal substances may be brought into or stored in the Clubhouse.

8. The Club has the right to open and inspect all property in the Clubhouse.

9. The Clubhouse shall be used in a careful manner and respect shall be shown to the property of others. Members shall be held responsible for any damages they cause to the property of the Club or others. Failure to use the Clubhouse in a careful and respectful manner or to follow all Club rules and regulations may result in the loss of the privilege to store equipment in the Clubhouse.

10. All equipment must have either the Member’s name or a brass tag indicating their space number. Equipment not having proper identification may be considered abandoned and sold at auction with the proceeds going to the Club treasury.

11. The Clubhouse is not fireproof or weatherproof, and while the structure itself may be insured, there is no insurance for its contents or for any injuries sustained through use of the building. Members store equipment and use the building at their own risk.

12. The Club, its officers or club members, and the GGNRA/National Park Service and its officers or employees, assume no responsibility for the loss, damage, or theft of any equipment stored or left in the Clubhouse, or for injuries sustained while using the Clubhouse

13. Each Clubhouse Member shall indemnify and hold harmless the Club and its officers and members, and the GGNRA and its officers and employees, against all claims, actions or proceedings, costs, damages, or liabilities connected in any manner with the Member’s use of the Clubhouse.


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Official announcement by no less than a majority vote of the Fellow Feathers Executive Committee
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