June 1, 2020 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

June 1, 2020 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby RonB » Wed Jun 09, 2021 1:47 pm

In Attendance
  • Jessica Koerner (President)
  • Masayo Eda
  • John Simpson
  • Ron Barry (Secretary, Training Bowl Admin)
  • Chris Valley (Vice President)
  • Diego Miralles (Uber-Awesome Master Designer of T-Shirts)
  • Rob Racer (Clubhouse Manager)
  • George Artz (Tech Officer)
  • Steve Rodrigues (GGNRA Liason, Treasurer)
  • Takeo Eda

Exciting Flights
  • A ton of Major XCs at Diablo a bit over a week ago. Lots of action at Owens
    this weekend.

  • Cameras are back up. Network connection has been restored with the new gear
    that Takeo sourced and installed.
  • We could put out a post to everyone in the club saying that we have the
    shirts available and arrange payment.
  • Jess would like to do the Spot Landing Contest again this summer, since we
    didn't actually get any flying done.
    • Possibly as a memorial for (Marginal) Mark and Chief.
    • Possibly ridge races.
    • Thinking around late August.
    • With the state reopening, after June 15 we don't have any special
      restrictions on events, but we still have to give the GGNRA 30 days of
      advance notice.
    • Jess will get in contact with the families to arrange calendar and
  • First aid clinic was very successful, we'd like to do
    it again. It requires a minimum of 6 people and the
    space (golf clubhouse) has a max of 12. Steve will check for availability at
    Sharp Park Golf Course and at the Fleming Golf Course (The one at Lake Merced
    where we had Chris Carillo's memorial) for availability of space, then we'll get
    a date survey (Doodle Poll) on the facebook page.
  • Parachute clinic will also be done again. John will get dates to Jess.
  • John Simpson says Ramon Gomez has passed away.

Vice President
  • Nothing to report.

  • $12,001 in CD (for the roofing fund) plus $12,732.71 in Checking.
  • Just emailed a budget out to the board. Some changes for the year;
    • 12 new spaces at clubhouse, good for $900/yr additional income.
    • Service District Charge (GGNRA) has gone up. It's now $3,724.00/yr.
    • Stickers are now $323.00/yr.
    • 110 out of 116 spaces are full. Including average donations and dues,
      we expect to be $1,938.61 cash positive.

GGNRA Liason
  • We have approval for electrical rennovation of the Doghouse.

Clubhouse Manager
  • PO Box still empty, though we have about 20-25 of the usual suspects who
    still haven't paid their dues. It's a considerable investment of Rob's time to
    track you all down and remind you over and over to do it.
  • We had an extended conversation about how to deal with the delinquent
    members. One option was to padlock all unpaid gliders. The other is - as
    discussed at the beginning of the year - to revoke their access, meaning that
    they would lose their slot. According to the rules and the application forms,
    failure to pay by January 31 can result in flight suspension and that's where
    REVOKED. WHEN YOU HAVE PAID, YOU CAN FLY. Please remember that there are
    separate consequences for flying when you have no privs that can lead to long-
    term suspensions.

Safety Director

Tandem Admin (Urs, absent)
  • USHPA H3 Paragliding instructor keeps blocking Funston launch & violating
    the Snowy Plover restriction. If you see this happening, get it on video (along
    with view of pilots who are having difficulty launching or landing as a result.)
    If a paragliding pilot violates FF regs, get it on video. If they are a USHPA
    member, they are still subject to sanction.

Tech Officer
  • Repeated that the link between "Ropes" building and clubhouse is back up.
    George will get the invoice ($460) to Steve.
  • There was discussion of options for giving us better comms by using our new
    wireless device to link with some other location (has to be line-of-sight) and
    give us the bandwidth to give live video at The Fort.

Training Bowl Admin
  • No-one has contacted for permission to teach.
  • John asked if Takeo could take his students there. They'd still be limited
    to sledders, since H2s cannot soar at all at FF.

Old Business

New Business
  • Takeo wants to do a talk about what to do when you're hurt and want to come
    back. There are psychological hurdles to overcome and processes to go through.
    This would likely be a panel discussion, with people who've been through the
  • Board members: please spend some time thinking about how your position could
    improve in the next year, whether you're still in that position or not. We'll
    discuss at the next board meeting.
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